Flying blues

Am I the only one tired of all the rules and regulations and FAA registrations just to fly?
I know there are the bad apples in the bushel that ruin it for the rest of us
Why can’t i just take off without entering phone numbers or credit cards?
Seems silly to me
Next is I’ll have to blow into a breathalyzer to fly sober
When does it end?
I haven’t put my numbers on my new drone.
I haven’t heard of anyone put in jail for not doing so

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That is a new one on me. Never heard of that. Registration is one thing but this is something different. Havent seen anything like that in over 3 years of flying…

You mean the entering of phone numbers and verification codes?
It’s a pita.
I have to send my phone number and dji sends me a code and then i enter it and then confirm it
Then everytime i want to fly i have to confirm my actions for the zone I’m in

I’m in the middle of nowhere and i have to confirm my actions to fly
It picks up an old dirt airport miles away.
I couldn’t even fly to the airport and get back so why even have it in a NFZ?
Just a random video to show where i need approval to fly

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I would put your numbers on your new drone. There is a stiff fine for not doing so. I believe it’s in the five figures. What would happen is you would crash, they’d find your drone, they’d figure out it was yours via DJI’s help and/or your SD card, and then they’d fine you.

That dirt airport you mentioned must be at least somewhat busy for DJI to require the self-authorization.

Have you tried self-authorizing from a desktop? I think it’s easier, and it’s good for three days instead of one.

Good luck

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Maybe I said it wrong
I don’t mind putting the numbers on my drone but I still think it’s silly
My P3A didn’t have as many restrictions
I could fly out my backyard.
I get my mavic pro and now I have to confirm my actions that an airport is nearby.
Maybe it’s the Go App4 that picks up more.
Seems the days of just turning it on and flying are long gone

Please do not forget that there are thousands and thousands of drones flying in the air. So some sort of control must be applied. I am against restrictions but in near future one can insure the drone so some sort of identification must exist.

Looked like a heavenly area for drone flying. Can’t understand why you have such rigmarole to fly.

Agree that is a PIA.

Without knowing where you live/flying from its hard to say

Can you share the general location of where you are

Also I would pull up a sectional chart to show all the airspace. Good site for that is

I’m in Lake Havasu AZ and the video in my other post is Williams, AZ.
I use Air Map to check what’s around
This is the small airport that came up on the go app. I must have been in the 5 mile radius but I couldn’t even fly halfway there and make it back safely. I understand the rules I just think they’re a bit extreme for the hobbyist.

This picture isn’t mine but similar to what I have to check off everytime I fly.
I originally sent in my phone number to dji to get the verification code and it only asked me a couple times to do that.
This is what i always get

So you’re saying it’s Henderson Executive Airport that’s giving you trouble?

Agree, so the app is doing what it should. Yellow zones require what you are doing. From your screen if you accept its good for 24 hours. If you do it online it lasts for 72 hours:

No, that’s not my picture. It was an example
I was showing what comes up on my screen whenever I try to fly no matter where I am at
This is the airport outside of Williams az.
It doesn’t even have hangars but I guess it’s an airport. I’m sure I was more than 5 miles away

I didn’t have all these notices with my P3A and the go app
Seems to be the Go 4 app
It picks up every little area including our local remote flying club
Majority of the time I fly where there aren’t people for miles and you would think it’s ok to fly.
For me? registration seems to be a mute point. If the faa or police want to drive 20 miles into the wilderness to see if I’m legal then more power to them.
But I registered anyway

Sorry but that “old dirt airport” has paved runways and I see hangers too. The airport reminds me of Montgomery Airpark which is about seven miles from me and has the same DJI Geo map restrictions. I strongly suspect you’re within five miles of it when it restricts your flight. That would put you in the green “enhanced warning zone” area which requires self-unlock.

If you play around with the geo map linked three posts up, you might notice that the restrictions change for different DJI aircraft, which apparently is dependent on their FW. Compare P3S with P3A and Mavic Pro. It’s all a bit different. It’s also possible the maps you see there are not showing all the restrictions which will come up on Go 3 or Go 4.

A handy tool besides the skyvector chart linked above is It’s good for drone pilots because you can toggle between a road map and the sectional chart which is useful since we’re driving around on roads looking for a place to fly.

Good luck.

Well shoot.
It used to be old and dirty, lol
Been going there for 18 years.
I guess they’ve made some improvements.

Olson said the airport is in great condition with new hangars, a new card reader fuel system, a recently resurfaced ramp and a recently built air terminal.

While I do agree it can be a PIA. As a single engine pilot and a very very new drown pilot, I was very surprised to see the process to fly.
I have been flying cheap toy drones for years and just took delivery of a Mavic 2 Pro. Unfortunately I had to return it prior to the first flight due to a quality issue. I am sure you can imagine the disappointment.
I live right off the edge of two combined military/civilian AP airspaces. So am going to be very careful.
As much of a PIA all this is going to be I know it will be a lot less painful than the aftermath of getting my drone sucked into the intake of a F-15 or C-5 or hitting the turboprop of the C-130s, or taking out the windscreen of a piper that fly around me here.
In this area I will keep to the rules and fly below the tree tops. Looking forward to flying in other areas of these New England mountains though…
Like your upgraded airport, there can be a lot of surprises flying if each flight is not properly planned out. Looking forward to an interesting hobby. And playing by the (PIA) rules.

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We have a lot of military aircraft mainly choppers and ospreys that fly over our house.
I’ve taken my mavic to the 400’ height and I can tell you these choppers are way below that.
I can’t imagine being a mile out and not knowing which way to go but then again I would be out of vlos.
I don’t think anyone here can say they haven’t been above 400’ and out of vlos.
I didn’t spend this kind of money to be so restricted that I can’t fly beyond my backyard.
Not sure why DJI is being the air police in all this just because of a few bad apples.

BTW, just trying to stir up conversation. I like this site.
Nice not having the “crap” in the other sites and wondering if you said the right thing

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It’s because before the restrictions, a P2 crashed on the White House lawn.

So we can blame Obama, lol