Hi - so one of our refurb Mini 2 dropped out the sky never to be seen again but the supplier is now saying that this is because of Radio Interference, is this actually possible?
The only error I see in the log is ‘Remote controller in high interference environment. Manually adjust flight route or return to home (Code: 80014).; RC signal interference.’ approx 10 seconds before we lose contact but nothing else and there are multiple successful entries afterwards.
Can anyone advise on this?

Unfortunately, there is not much more to go on. The data looks completely normal otherwise for the entire flight. There were actually 4 of the interference messages, but other than that there is no way to know.
The only thing that I can think of is you possibly could have set your signal loss action to “hover”. If that were the case, that would explain why the mini didn’t Return to Home. It would have hovered in place until the battery depleted and autolanded right where it was. That’s the only guess I have. Below are the other messages.