FlightRecord - Photos not matching # of photos taken


I was hoping to retrieve altitude data from the flight logs, as the altitude data seems to be incorrect in the metadata of the drones images (used EXIF to retrieve relative and absolute altitude). However, when producing the .csv flight record for photos, they don’t seem to match the number of photos taken with the drone (my number of jpgs). I might be missing something, but for example: for a flightrecord with 59 rows, I have 68 jpegs. I am looking to match them up by timestamp to link the altitude from the flight log to replace the altitude data currently in the image metadata.

I am including the flight record and the summary file I created using exiftool to pull information on all the photos from that flight.

Thank you in advance for any assistance!

DJIFlightRecord_2023-11-22_[12-55-35]-photos.csv (23.6 KB)
summary_info_22112023_flight.csv (6.6 KB)

Can you share that TXT flight log so I can take a closer look at the data? Either post it here or email it to me at [email protected].

Thank you for sending that flight log view email. Did the new Flight Reader build I sent resolve your issue?


Thank you for that updated flight reader, the number of files now match. Interestingly, the timestamps don’t always match, and can be between several seconds to over 20 seconds off from each other. I attach the new flight record produced. Do you happen to know why that could be and if it’s a concern for matching them up?

Thank you!
DJIFlightRecord_2023-11-22_[12-55-35]-photos.csv (25.5 KB)

I did a little more digging and found the difference is due to the photo data being stored in two separate locations in the flight log – both sections storing data with slightly different times.

I have a new Flight Reader build that’s able to handle this scenario when encountered (will email it to you soon). For now, here’s a side-by-side comparison showing the generated photo log from the new Flight Reader build: