Flight registration update on DJI GO 4

Greetings friends, I have a question, how do I update the flight log of my Spark, since I loaned it and flew it with another mobile phone different from mine, as I do to know the flight record that was not made with my phone, thanks I hope positive

You’ll need to sync the flight logs in DJI GO in order to combine them. Here’s what you need to do:

1) Log into your DJI account on the other device and sync the flight logs (see the video below). That will upload the missing flight logs to DJI’s server.

2) Log into your DJI account on your main device and sync the flight logs. That will download the missing flight log from DJI’s server.

Thanks for the answer, but the one who made the flight (s), I travel to another region, so how do I know the registration of the flights that the drone made outside of my cell phone?

If they weren’t made while logged into your DJI account, then you’d only know if the other person sent you the flight logs. I don’t think you can sync someone else’s flight logs to your DJI account.