Flight Records Sync not working ?

Hi, I have a phantom 4 pro obsidian and it has always been logged in to my DJI account before any flights.
Now, after 6 months, I want to sync all flights and see my all flight data - but when I sync in DJI flight records app - it doesnt show up anything.
It doesnt even show my Phantom device in that records screen on DJI App.

When I connect the phantom 4 pro to DJI Assistant 2 with cable, and goto FLIGHT RECORDS page it shows blank page too.
When I connect the controller to a Micro USB cable and connect to mac, there is no USB storage seen on mac. Also on the app, there is no option to switch on USB storage.

So, how do we see the flight records ?
How do I sync and see all the total flight data of my phantom 4 pro since 2 years ?

Urgent help would be appreciated, thanks.