Flight reader throwing error up " youve exceeded the number of aircraft ...

I just downloaded and paid for Flight reader software. When I attempt to import flight logs it imports them but throw up the error “You’ve exceeded the number of aircraft you’re allowed to process with your Flight Reader license”. And then an option to upgrade the plan to a 60$ plan. I noticed in the aircraft drop down it shows an old drone I used to have but no longer do. Could that be the reason for the hang up? Is there a way to remove the older drone? I used to have that one but replaced it and no longer have it. I now have the mini 2 SE. I attached some pictures of the situation.

You’re seeing this issue because you were using a free trial (which allows up to 3 aircraft) and then purchased a Solo license (which only allows 1 aircraft).

Here’s an easy way to resolve this issue:

  • At the top of the main Flight Reader window, select “All Time” in the “Flight Date” dropdown.

  • Select the aircraft to remove from the “Aircraft” dropdown.

  • Select all flight logs in the list below (click and drag to select more than one), right click the selected flight logs, and choose “Delete Flight Logs”.

Repeat this process until all unwanted aircraft have been removed.

Yes sir, thank you that did it! I tried everything I could think of except the obvious. Again, thank you for the help!!!