flight reader log timezone

I have a Mavic 2 Pro drone, and when I load its aircraft log into Flight Reader, I notice that the time is wrong by 5 hours. The CSV log file name shows the correct time in brackets (), but the time column inside the file is incorrect.

Interestingly, I have another Mavic 2 Pro drone, and I don’t encounter this issue with that one. I’ve tried using different time columns, but it hasn’t resolved the problem. Currently, I’m using the “CUSTOM.updateTime.TEXT [local]” column.

I think the problem might be with the drone’s timezone settings, but I’m confused about why the CSV file name shows the correct time. Can you suggest a way to fix this problem?

Can you post a sample TXT flight log here and explain what the time should be for that flight log? Or you can email it to me at [email protected] if you don’t want to post it here.