Flight Reader 1.5.6 released

A new version of Flight Reader is available. Release 1.5.6 includes the following changes:

  • The map window now zooms into the bounds of the flight area when the map loads.

  • Resolved a few uncommon issues preventing some flight logs from being decrypted.

See the release notes on the Flight Reader download page for a complete list of changes.

Hi Mike,

Any reason why when I click on the Refurbished link it shows up in French? I’ve tried manually going into the url and changing “fr” to “en” and it loads in english and then switches to French.


None other than you might have something cached in your local web browser. Try right clicking the link and choose “Open in private/incognito window”.

Thanks. That behavior was on my desktop, and I’ve closed the window. Now on my iPad, and it loads in English, so I think you’re right and I’ll clear cache on the desktop or open in a private window to check.