Flight Reader 1.5.1 released

A new version of Flight Reader is available. Release 1.5.1 includes the following changes:

  • Added “DETAILS.maxHorizontalSpeed [km/h]”, “DETAILS.maxVerticalSpeed [km/h]”, “OSD.hSpeed [km/h]”, “OSD.hSpeedMax [km/h]”, “OSD.xSpeed [km/h]”, “OSD.xSpeedMax [km/h]”, “OSD.ySpeed [km/h]”, “OSD.ySpeedMax [km/h]”, “OSD.zSpeed [km/h]”, and “OSD.zSpeedMax [km/h]” speed fields.

  • Upgraded from .NET Framework to .NET 7 to take advantage of the latest .NET performance improvements.

  • Updated the OSD.hSpeed calculation to use the OSD.xSpeed and OSD.ySpeed values instead of calculating the speed based on the longitude and latitude location changes since that can produce inaccurate results when there are gaps in the flight log.

  • Increased speed fields to 6 decimal places for added precision.

  • Resolved an issue where the thumbnail snapshot was sometimes not appearing in the main Flight Reader window when a flight log only contained one thumbnail image.

See the release notes on the Flight Reader download page for a complete list of changes.