Flight Reader 1.4.15 released

A new version of Flight Reader is available. Release 1.4.15 includes the following changes:

  • Renamed the “OSD.motorRevolution” field to “OSD.flightCount”. This field was incorrectly labeled and actually tracks the count of flights started since the battery was powered on.

  • Renamed the “HOME.isCompassCeiling” field to “HOME.isCompassCalibrating”.

  • Renamed the “HOME.compassCeleStatus” field to “HOME.compassCalibrationState.RAW”.

  • Added “HOME.compassCalibrationState” field to display the text status of the compass calibration state.

  • Added “OSD.flyTime [ms]” field to show the accumulated flight time in milliseconds since the aircraft’s motors were started.

  • Added “RC.aileron [percent]”, “RC.elevator [percent]”, “RC.throttle [percent]”, “RC.rudder [percent]” fields to show the remote controller stick location as a percentage in the up/down or right/left direction. When set to 0%, the remote controller stick is in the default center position.

  • Added row index column to the left side of the aircraft/battery log window to show the number of rows displayed.

  • Added descriptions for all fields. In the “Logs/Reports” section of the Flight Reader Options window, a tooltip will appear when pointing at the fields in the available/selected lists. When viewin the aircraft/battery log, a tootlip will appear when pointing at the column field names.

  • Resolved an issue that sometimes prevented the last line of the log from being exported.

See the release notes on the Flight Reader download page for a complete list of changes.