Flight Reader 1.3.33 released

A new version of Flight Reader is available. Release 1.3.33 includes the following changes:

  • Added support for processing Mavic 3 Classic flight logs.

  • Added serial number fields “SERIAL.battery”, “SERIAL.battery2”, “SERIAL.camera”, “SERIAL.camera2”, “SERIAL.flightController”, “SERIAL.gimbal”, “SERIAL.gimbal2”, “SERIAL.rc”, and “SERIAL.ssd”.

  • Added obstacle avoidance fields “MC.atAirportAltitudeLimit”, “MC.atAirportBoundary”, “MC.atDistanceLimit”, “MC.isAvoidingObstacle”, “MC.isAvoidingActiveObstacle”, “MC.isAscentLimitedByObstacle”, “MC.isCollisionAvoidanceEnabled”, “MC.isBraking”, “MC.isLandingConfirmationNeeded”, “MC.isObstacleAvoidanceEnabled”, and “MC.isRthObstacleAvoidanceEnabled”.

  • Added “DETAILS.guid” unique id field to allow flight logs to be uniquely identified after processing.

  • Added “RC.mode.RAW” field to display the numeric “RC.mode” field value (useful in cases where the “RC.mode” field displays a letter value).

  • Added missing “MasterShots”, “Normal”, and “Sport” flight modes.

  • For many of the newly added fields, you can mouse over the headers at the top of the log window to see a tooltip that displays a field description. A tooltip will be added for other existing fields in an upcoming Flight Reader release.

  • The log window loads 60% faster when opening an aircraft log, battery log, or photo log.

  • Modified the “CAMERA.isPhoto” field to display “True” from the time the aircraft starts capturing a photo until that process completes (that usually takes 1-2 seconds).

  • The “RC.mode” field displays “C”, “N”, or “S” to show the position of the flight mode switch when flying with the DJI RC Pro remote controller.

  • Multiple columns/rows can be copied, hidden, highlighted, or unhighlighted at the same time in the log window when more than one column/row is highlighted while right clicking and selecting one of those actions.

  • When highlighting columns/rows in the log window, you can choose to highlight the columns/rows in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, or gray.

  • When flying with the DJI Fly Obstacle Avoidance Action set to “Bypass” (which enables APAS), the “OSD.flycState” flight mode field will display “P-GPS (Bypass)”. When set to “Brake”, the “OSD.flycState” field will display “P-GPS (Brake)”. And when set to “Off”, the “OSD.flycState” field wil display “P-GPS”.

  • The photo log was sometimes displaying more than one row for the same photo. Additional rows were being generated between the time the photo capture started until it completed.

See the release notes on the Flight Reader download page for a complete list of changes.