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Flight Reader 1.2.31 released

A new version of Flight Reader is available. Release 1.2.31 includes the following changes:

  • Added incomplete records that sometimes appear at the end of DJI TXT flight logs. While these records are often missing key data, the data they expose could be useful for troubleshooting purposes.

See the release notes on the Flight Reader download page for a complete list of changes.


If I did purchase your app, how would I get ALL my flights in. Looks like you drag and drop a flight in. Can that be done in batch?


Oh and will this run on a mac

Yes, that would be the easiest way to import all of them. You can drag and drop multiple flight logs onto the main Flight Reader window. There is also an option to import flight logs via the Windows command line.

Flight Reader is a Windows application. You could run it on a Mac using some type of Windows emulator (like Parallels Desktop).

dammm… any chance of a mac version?
I have windows laptop for work but hate to put this on there
windows emulators can be $$

I will seriously consider it though

WAIT I forgot… DUH… I do have another windows laptop. My old job let me keep it after I left (providing i wiped it and put clean windows 10 back on)… Ill consider it man

Btw stupid question: when you say drag them into the app - from what? Txt files are on the go4 app. I know I can connect phone to pc or mac and think I can access the folder there - is that what you meant

Last question… any black friday or xmas deals coming - $99 is alot (for me now)

I have no plans to create a Mac version at this time.

Windows won’t allow you to drag and drop files from a mobile device. You’d need to copy them to your computer (like to the desktop) and drag and drop them from that local location.

No. My online log viewer is still free to use though.

gotcha… but that interface is COOL

Hmmmm any plans for mac version down the road?