Flight logs to PC?

Is there a way to transmit the log files in the “DJI Fly” app directly from my phone to my PC without plugging the phone in and using the file system? If so, how?

Plugging your phone should not be that big a problem, but if you are without a cable… There may be an easier and simpler way if your device (phone or tablet) is part of your network; mine aren’t… My devices are two Galaxy Android Tablets, an A8 (10" screen) and an S2 (8" screen) and I quick transfer my photos and videos to the devices. I then download the files to my “My Drive” in Google. I then download those files from My Drive to my PC. No cables needed…

Did you know you could download your videos and photos directly from your drone to your PC? Turn on your drone and let it finish self-test; then plug your drone directly into the PC.

If you plug the drone into the PC before powering it up, your drone goes into charge mode and your PC will not connect…

Thanks! Yeah, I ended up going the Google Drive route as well.

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