Flight Log Columns

I’ve used PhantomHelp’s LogViewer and love it! However, when I download a CSV, there are some columns I don’t understand. Is there any documentation about what the columns mean?

Also, is there any way to tie a given video recording or picture to a flight log file? I can obviously match by dates, but I’m just wondering if the flight log provides information about recordings that I’m not seeing or understanding.


It’s not documented, but I can help if you let me know which columns you don’t understand.

Not that I know of. Flight logs only show when photos/video are taken.

I’m curious what the “HOME.dataRecorderFileIndex” is. It appears to provide an index to some other file, but to what? There’s also a message in the " APP.message" column that says “Data Recorder File Index is 49.” The same question applies.

That’ll show you which DAT flight log (stored on the drone) the TXT file is associated to. For example, you’d want to find a DAT flight log named “FLY049.DAT”.

Most DAT flight logs are encrypted and can only be decrypted by DJI.

Hmmm… how do I find/access files on the drone? I’ve connected it via USB cable and don’t see anything like that.

You can find instructions here.

Well, now my “newbie” status begins showing. That link talks about using the “DJI GO App” on Windows. However, I haven’t been able to find any such app - at least not one from DJI. Is this the one it’s referring to? https://www.videoproc.com/dji-video-processing/dji-go-4-for-windows-10.htm

There are more details here. And @BudWalker has way more expertise when it comes to DAT files.

Well, I think DAT files are a distraction for me at present. That’s just a curiosity, and it all seems to apply to different hardware from mine anyway.

AFAIK the website refers to DJI Assistant 2 and not to DJI Go App.

Yes, “DJI Assistant” allowed me to see the log files on the drone. Thanks!

You should be aware that, depending on the DJI platform, the on board .DAT files may be encrypted. If so, then the .DAT recorded by the Go 4 or Fly app is not encrypted and can be processed by CsvView/DatCon.