Flight Log Battery count and time

I’m new to the drone world and flight logs. Sorry if this has been asked and answered, but I didn’t see it. Is there a way to count flights and flight time on each battery? It would help ensure I rotate through them equally.

I understand this is a reader, maybe not a true DB or spreadsheet program but thought you might be able to show a flight count and autosum flight time once a battery is selected. While I only have one aircraft others might like the same thing for aircraft.

I have been using Airdata since my first Phantom 3 Pro in 2015. You can start with a free account.

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The “Battery.timesCharged” column shows the number of times the battery was charged.

If using Flight Reader, you can right click any battery and generate a Battery CSV Report. That report will include a complete list of flights for that battery. You could total the flight time column to find the total use time for that battery.

I have 3 battery’s for my drone, and i label them1-2-3 When i fly for the day i start with #1 then #2 then #3

Mini 3 Pro, FR ver 1.3.21.
I am particularly interested in Number of Times Battery Charged and battery health indicators, and also am contrasting Airdata’s battery info seen above with FR’s battery info I can retrieve.

I have numerous empty battery columns when generating a battery csv from the main window.

I also have blank columns if I generate a different Battery CSV using MainWindow\right click\Reports\Battery CSV.

Are these columns supposed to be populated?

Those columns will only be populated if the TXT file contains that data. In the case of the Mini 3 Pro, that data is not available.

The “BATTERY.timesCharged” column is now being populated for most drones when using Flight Reader version 1.4.6 (or newer).