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Flight disaster, drone lost

I’m uploading this flight log, in case anyone would like to get their teeth into it.
The flight was a complete disaster. I lost the spark and have now replaced it.
I throughly searched the field shown on the map as the last location, but could not find it. Might it have drifted somewhere else?

Any advice or explanation gratefully received.

If your remote controller did not connect to your Spark after the last point in your flight log, then it would have started auto landing 3 seconds after the remote controller disconnected. Since it was flying in ATTI mode at the time, it would have likely landed somewhere within this yellow box:

Earlier in the flight log, the Spark was auto switching between ATTI and GPS mode. If it by chance switched back to GPS mode right after the last point in the flight log, then it would have tried to fly back to the home point instead of auto landing at its current location. So, if you don't find it in the yellow box above, you should search everywhere between the home point and the last known location -- in this yellow box:

Many thanks.

I searched the area in the lower photo pretty thoroughly but didn’t look towards the top of the top photo. I’ll check it out.

I did search the areas highlighted (fields with cattle), but sadly there was no sign of the Spark. The incident happened over 3 weeks ago now, so I think there is little hope of finding it.
Thanks for your efforts anyway.