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Filter problem

I received some filters for Christmas for my Mavic 2 Zoom. Nice! But when I went to install one, I found that I could not unscrew the thread protecting cap just using my bare hands and stabilizing the gimbal as best I could. I don’t want to ruin anything or damage my warranty. I’m also afraid to use a pair of pliers to assist. Has anybody else experienced this? Any suggestions? Thanks, Russ

Aloha Russknan… this is a common problem with removing a lot of the said filters… I don’t have a Zoom we use the Pro and the lens cover is a bayonet affair. On the zoom it appears round, so is it a screw? If so the problem lies in your gripping the cover too tightly - you are actually pinching it and it will bind. When I used to change filters on my P3 4K used the prop gripper tool… it was perfect… try putting a fat rubber band around it then pinching the loose part of the rubber band to tighten it on the lens, then turn gently…

Thanks, ccpirate, for the great answer! I’ll try that.

It’s not a screw-type, so that’s not it. The Mavic 2 series open with a slight twist (counter clockwise). Pinching finger pressure is not going to cause it to hold fast (as happens with the screw type filter, as I’ve experienced on older Phantom models.

Taka a look at the back of one of your new filters, see the two plastic posts. They only move a couple of MM and then the filter pops out.

You’re right to be careful with the gimbal, but if you hold the sides of the camera with one hand, firm but steady, then twist counter-clockwise with the factory installed filter, with two fingers to each side of a corner, it should turn freely, even if you twisting fingers are applying pressure to the filter.


I have a Mavic 2 Pro and I purchased some filters for it. I had a devil of a time trying to get them on my Mavic. Like you, I was afraid of hurting my Gimbal, so I returned them. I do not want to mention the brand as it might have been me, as they are not easy to install. I ordered a new set from DJI and they do go on and off (still a delicate operation), so again, not sure what was going on with the original set, me or them! I must say, don’t force anything on those gimbals, they are delicate! The main thing is always double check the slots, they only go on one way.