Fell out of the sky like a rock!

I see a lot of boards that state their phantoms just die in the middle of the sky. Mine did today. The battery was absolutely still locked into the drone. I am hoping some can explain something I found after checking why my phantom 4 pro just shut off about 12 feet off the ground. The log showed nothing at all.
But, I just discovered something very interesting.
I wanted to make sure I didnt do something stupid like a CSC maneuver.
While I was testing this, a few things popped up.
you have the ability to stop the motors in the air, correct?
CSC is both sticks pulled to the inner right and left at the same time.
there are 2 settings to stop the motors according to the app.

  1. “dont stop motors in mid air”
  2. “CSC” mode, which according to the app, the left stick pulled down to the inside right corner, and the RTH button held down at the same time.

Those are the methods to stop the motors.

No matter what setting I have it on, the motors will shut off with “ONLY” the left stick pulled to the bottom inside right.

Thats gotta be something wrong, right?

and it shuts down pretty quick too.

about 2 seconds.

So, if i am decending and turning to the left at the same time, my motors will shut off mid air.

Has anyone else encountered this?

You need to share that log. That was stated in the other forum. Your question can not be answered acurately otherwise.

Please check it out. I am really trying to find out why this drone this.
Here it is:

This may be true ( Physically speaking ) , however this appears to be a battery dislodge. If it were a CSC or motor shutoff, the aircraft power itself would still be on. According to the log, the battery shut down at ~200 seconds, imediately after you released the forward elevator. I have seen this more than just a few times with P4’s. IMO, this is the reason DJI added the battery latch sensor on the V2.
This is also noted on your other post on the other forum.