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Faulty drone from forum member

So I bought a phantom 3 standard from a fellow member(should I name them.)not yet!!!.only to realise on from the flights I’ve done I get an average distance of around 70 metres before it looses signal and rth…sometimes it will say lost signal and return to home at closer range of 40 metres…I installed a range extender not a parabolic one that came with it…I reached 100 metres with that…thats the farthest its gone…every time it says signal lost and returns to home…

What do I do…I feel that I’ve been sold a dud drone…

Try two things first:

  1. Check that any other device such as tablet, phone, etc not being used to fly the p3 are not present or turned off. Devices of yours that have previously connected to the p3 will connect simultaneously seriously degrading signals. Learned that the hard way.
    2 You could try reinstalling the firmware if you feel comfortable doing so. Just a thought.
  2. Look for signs of previous damage that could indicate current issues.
    I’ve always thought buying used unseen over the internet is really dicey. I have a good working p3 4k that needs a home, but I’m reluctant to sell sight there is a hazard to the seller that the buyer may not be setting up correctly and upset at the seller. Can be hard to win on either end
    Wish you luck.
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Just be happy at least it “Returns Home” and not a flyaway …Hope you get the problem fixed !

Oh have you indeed !?

Range depends on many variables all of which all must be taken into consideration. It’s a Phantom 3 standard for a start running on wifi … unless you are in a massive open space which is completely flat with no other interference you are not going to get a massive range even with the very best of all conditions, especially around NI.

The Phantom returns home each time without fail … it’s doing what it is supposed to do. 100 meters is a fine distance, excellent VLOS etc brilliant for a first time flyer.

I would consider the Phantom 3 Standard as an excellent training UAV, only when you’ve mastered it should you consider upgrading.

The one you purchased extremely cheaply was in immaculate condition, owned and flown by a very experienced flyer, it was never crashed, came with a lot of expensive extras and was flown for you in your presence before you purchased it.

The P3S is old tech now as explained to you at the time hence it makes a fantastic training UAV especially for youngsters, also explained to you at the time. At £180 you certainly received an absolute bargain.

I know all this because … I was the one who sold it to you. NO YOU HAVEN’T PURCHASED A DUD !! This UAV will not give you the same distance as a Phantom 3 Advanced or Pro so don’t expect it to. They do not run with Wi-fi.

In my very humble opinion, there is absolutely nothing wrong with your P3S … I think your expectations of its range far exceeds its capabilities though.

Your thread title is both unwarranted and offensive. You as a first time drone owner and flyer have a lot of learning to do before you cast dispersions and speak of vailed threats about other forum members.


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Hi mate
The Phantom 3 standard, which I have 3 off, the usual distance before losing visual signal average around 600 - 850 meters without range extension accessories. These distances are achieved in open areas free of obstruction and low transmission interference. Should you be flying in built up or high rise areas your range will be reduced significantly. Ensure your drone is registered, firmware is up to date and the range adjustments are set to max. Carefully check all parameter settings and if you don’t win, there’s always magic power 5, however your drone may require firmware downgrading.

I never got that range out of the P3S from new out of the box ! :slightly_smiling_face: