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False Obstacle Avoidance Warning

I recently purchased a used Mavic 2 Pro which seems to be working fine in every way, except today, on my first real flight (Before purchasing it I launched it and went up about 10 feet and did a 360 yaw) as I was flying along probably somewhere between 1000 and 2000 feet or so away and about 40 to 60 feet high. I got a beep and a red box in the upper left corner that said something like “Obstacle Avoidance - Choose an alternate route”. (May have been slightly different words.) I was on a dry lake bed where there are no trees, no power/telephone lines, no radio or water towers. Literally nothing more than three feet tall. My head was the highest thing within a mile in any direction. It actually happened a couple or three times on the flight. The red box went away after a few seconds and the drone kept flying in the same direction. My controller antennas were aimed toward the direction where the drone was.

Obviously this is very concerning to me as most of my flights are not in such a barren spot and the obstacle avoidance is a very important aid.

Any ideas on what would cause this and how I can fix it?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Were you flying into the sun?
Do you have any video to analyze?

Thanks for your reply! To answer your questions, No, I was not flying into the sun and I have video that I was taking and I have the flight record, which does show the warning popping up. In reviewing the flight record just now I noticed another warning pop up that says “Attitude is too large. Forward obstacle sensing is unavailable.” The horizontal speed indicator when that popped up was 0.2 mph. Incidentally, the wind was negligible.

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Hi Nasshorn,

Anything shiny out where this happened?
Cracked dirt perhaps playing tricks with the sensors like in the ocean, or over choppy water?