Failed Flight Logs--Can't Resolve

I haven’t seen this mentioned, apologies if it has been.
Flight Reader 1.3.17
I inadvertently swooped up some DJIFlightRecord…Synch files when processing a whole bunch of logs and dropped them with the txt files onto Flight Reader. Everything except the Synch files were processed.

The Synch files end up in the Faild Flight Logs window, which asks, “What would you like to do?”
I cannot seem to provoke any choices no matter what mouse clicking I do.
Is there something I am missing or not doing correctly?

What happens when you click this button?


Hi, Mike
This is what I see in 1.3.18.

It looks like that window is not resizing properly on your setup. Please install version 1.3.19 and let me know if that resolves your issue.

Same results with 1.3.19

Question for you, Mike…
I purchased a total two MP3 drones to be my “fleet.”
I just received replacement aircraft #4, and one is enroute to DJI and will likely result in warranty replacement aircraft #5 next week (hopefully). How can I keep using Flight Reader, not loose any prior flights, and not have to upgrade to Pro for $80?


Just so you know, Mike, I went ahead and upgraded to Pro.
I know you’re working hard on this really nice project.

Also–I followed upgrade instructions in the automated email from you, but it wasn’t until I actually Re-Saved the license key that it allowed me to use the upgrade–In case that helps others.

Let me know how it is going with the window resizing issues for both failed flight logs and switching between monitors with different resolutions. Happy to test things with you.


Flight Reader won’t delete any flight logs after reaching the maximum number of allowed aircraft. However, you can manually delete all flight logs for a particular aircraft in order to free up a spot for a new aircraft.

Can you send me a screen recording that shows these issues so I can see what you’re describing? You can email that to me at [email protected].