FAA Remote ID Required

I’ve done some searching but I cannot find out IF the P4P Pro will have a firmware update for the Remote ID…OR do I need to purchase a Remote ID device?

Fly for fun, no business…

Thanks for any help!

Nobody knows since DJI doesn’t post upcoming features for firmware updates. The best thing available is this list of drones that are currently compliant.

You could purchase a device now – or wait until closer to the deadline. Considering the FAA’s past track record, the deadline could be moved. And even better/cheaper Remote ID devices might be available then.

My P4P Pro has been a damn good machine and I really can’t afford to replace it now…Retired on fix income…

Can’t believe how the prices have dropped…I forgot is it OK to suggest a drone or brand? If so any suggestions on a comparable done at a good price?

Glad to see that I’m in the dark like everyone else…I remember years ago talk of this coming but at that time I thought that with the data that the P4P Pro already sends, you would think whatever else is needed it could be added via firmware…

Thanks for the reply, seems that you have answered almost every question I’ve asked on here!

What’s a good price?

DJI has lots of Minis/Mavics/Airs available that can likely do whatever you’re doing with your P4P today. And you could save some money buy buying a used/refurbished drone.