Extra Props & Tablet Mounts

Just looking at getting an extra set of props for my Mavic Pro and I have a question about the low-noise props offered as OEM replacements. It appears they are standard on the Mavic Pro 2, will they work OK on the Mavic Pro also? They seem to be a little pricier than the standard props, are they worth it? I also find the hinged design of these Mavic props interesting. I suppose the centrifugal force of the spinning prop keeps them spread out correctly when flying. It appears to be a sound design.

And another question regarding tablet mounts for the controller. I read the June 2019 “Top Mavic Pro Accessories”. Do any of you have an opinion on a tablet mount that you like and that really works well?

No. You can only use the DJI 8331 low-noise props (standard with the Mavic Pro Platinum) on the Mavic Pro. Here are a few places where they can be purchased:

Gold DJI 8331 low-noise props:

Platinum DJI 8331 low-noise props:

There are lots of great tablet mounts available. I think you’d be happy with any of these mounts:

There really isn’t one best tablet mount. You should take a look through the best available options and find the mount that has the features that’ll work best for you.