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Extended Warranty on Mavic Air

I purchased the DJI Care Refresh and DJI Care Refresh + that expires this November 2020. I had my first casualty…got a Critical Battery Warning, and landed my Mavic Air in the lake. DJI quickly received my drone, I had to pay $69, got a replacement and learned a lot about battery life and learned some good but hard lessons. I am a better drone pilot now. A tough way to learn, but I know better now about many precautionary measures to keep in mind.

Does anyone know what is next concerning coverage for my future flights. If I am correct, when using the DJI Care Refresh +, you get one replacement for $69 and then the policy is closed at that point? As I correct in saying it I have a mistake or problem again, there are no insurance coverage options that are worth the money for this Mavic Air? I have always taken full responsibility for my items that I own. It was just a special peace of mind when having the DJI Care Refresh plan when flying.

Thanks for any input. I hope my question was articulated properly.