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Extended Landing Legs

Are extended landing legs on a Phantom 3 Advanced adviseable ?

You shouldn’t need them if you’re always landing on clean, flat, level surfaces. If you need to raise your Phantom up a bit (to keep the camera off the ground) or need to make the landing gear more stable, the Polar Pro landing gear stabilizer would be a good option to consider.

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Thanks for the great response.R500 odd bucks! Whew these ones are expensive.The one’s I saw on Wish’s website where clip ons extending the height to protect the gimbal.R105($8) and R71 for the ones that you show on Ebay. What do you think about the float system?You also get a recovery C02 operated 20z. unit fitted to the one leg by a velcro strap.You see I will always be flying over the sea as I’m taking bait out with my drone.

It might be something to try if you must land in water. For just flying over water, make sure your batteries are fully charged and don’t try flying them down as far as possible.

Get some extra batteries and change them before they are too low to safely use. It’s often windy when flying over open water. You don’t want to get too far out and not have enough battery power to return.

Won’t it be dangerous for the gimbal getting water on it on take off and landing on those pontoons? Where can I buy my batteries?

You definitely wouldn’t want to land in water that is not still since there wouldn’t be much clearance.

Here are a few places where you can by Phantom 3 batteries:

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I see Amazon or Ebay is R10 cheaper.But is it safe to buy from them?They mention something about being taken out of refurbished units?Have you ever ordered anything from them and if how long do they take to deliver?Seeing we are talking of batteries do you have to buy a discharger to discharge and recharge the batteries every 20 charges?Is the car battery charger worth having? I have had a proposition to buy non DJI batteries from a muslim who goes back and forth doing business deals.Is it a safe practice to buy them?

Yes, it’s safe to buy from the Amazon when the seller is an authorized DJI dealer (like the link I shared above). There are some dealers selling on eBay too, but they are a little more expensive. Like this one:

From Amazon? Many times. The right side of the product listing on Amazon shows when the product will be delivered.

No. Your batteries should last a long time if you follow these tips.

It is if you need to charge the batteries in a car. I’d personally buy enough batteries to last for as long as I needed to fly in a single outing.

I don’t use 3rd party batteries. DJI batteries work well and they don’t void the DJI warranty (assuming the Phantom is still under warranty).

If I ever change my mind and decide to start using 3rd party batteries, I’ll use this brand due to their consistently good ratings:

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