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Exporting Logs from Smart Controller

I haven’t been able to get my Mac laptop to talk to the Smart Controller, which is obviously running on Android. Want to export flight logs to Mac. Anybody able to make this work? Tried the Android File Transfer app on the Mac, but the two devices aren’t talking. I am able to use same laptop and Yuneec ST16 remote control to work, which is also an Android operating system. Tried multiple cables. The SC does start charging as soon as connection is made to laptop. Tried both USB connections on SC.

Appears to be resolved with this very specific connection configuration with a Macbook Pro 13’ (with only USB-C connections).

Using the supplied DJI USB-A/USB-C Smart Controller charging cable. Connect SC USB-C to Macbook Pro USB-A. Turn on SC. Android File Transfer App will automatically open on Mac after selecting “Transfer Files” on the SC. Then drag files from “Flight Records” folder to Mac.

Tried other connections, which did not work…USB-C/USB-C, and SC charging cable connecting to SC USB-A to Mac USB-C.

My best guess as to why this started to work is that both the Macbook Pro, with Android Transfer App installed, and SC need several shutdowns and restarts to acknowledge each other.

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