Explanation for abbreviations in CsvView

Hi all
Having experienced momentarily loss of control (like 3-4 seconds) of my Phantom 4 Pro, I have tried to look for clues in the DAT file from the drone.
I’m using CsvView for this. Some of the abbreviations are obvious, but others not so. An example could be: “MVO - HoverPointUncertainty2”.
Does anyone know where I can find explanations to what exactly the abbreviations mean?

Thanks in advance!

@BudWalker is the creator of CsvView. Perhaps he has this documented somewhere offline.

Take a look at V3 .CSV column descriptions That might help some. Although in some cases, like this one, the label comes from the self documenting aspects of the .DAT file itself. Not much is known about it’s meaning, scaling, etc. All you can really say is that less HoverPointUncertainty2 is better.

Thanks a lot!
Very helpful with the details on some of the abbreviations, and as always also good to know what you don’t know :wink: