ESC Error Phantom 4 Pro

I replaced the landing skid on my Phantom 4 Pro that was bent from a particularly hard landing. The bird was flying fine, no errors or problems, just a bent skid. After replacing the skid and carefully reassembling my drone I get an error message - NO1 ESC error, NO2…, NO3… and NO4… Restart and if the problem continues, refer to DJI. As the drone was operating fine before what I thought was a simple repair it must be something I did or didn’t do. Any suggestions on how to diagnose this issue? Any help would be appreciated.

Do you know if any of the motors hit the ground? Do any of the motors appear to be visually damaged?

Just to be clear, do “NO2…, NO3… and NO4” also show ESC error. Or is it just NO1?

All 4 say the same thing. I have had it indicating one of them with a bad motor but never all 4 at once. leads me to think I missed a connector.

No motor damage, I flew it for several weeks with the landing skid duct taped but decided to fix it because it looked bad.

That’s what I’d think.

That or maybe the connectors are not in the proper locations. Here’s a video showing how to disassemble/reassemble everything:

my drone I get an error message - NO1 ESC error, NO2…, NO3… and NO4 plz help me