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ESC and camera error after crash.

Hi, had a minor crash, one broken prop thats all.

After the crash the gimbal is not active and there no image in the app. I got ESC error on all four motors.

Bumping around with it, restarted the aircraft several times, suddenly i could get all four motors spinning. No unnormal sounds etc. After a restart they won’t spin again, and ESC error is on all four motors…

Could I be so lucky that it’s just some connectors inside the aircraft that are loose?

Fixed!! :smiley: - I don’t know about the ESC error, i’ve been flying two batteries now, in a place I could get to it, in case of a ESC error, and a crash more…

Took the thing apart, and noticed that a bend mount had pulled the flat flex cables out. I believe it’s the one marked here;

2020-12-30 18_18_04-Buy Phantom 4 - Flexible Gimbal Flat Cable - DJI Store