Error 200 after light crash

I had a small crash recently with my Mavic Air. I hit a tree which about 4-5m high.

The Drone didnt appear to suffer any damage, however when I try and start up the drone now, I get the 200 Error - unable to start drone, check USB cable error message.

I am not getting any live view when I connect the drone to the app (DJI GO 4), however I am able to see the camera working when I calibrate the drone via my PC using DJI Assistant 2.

I’ve taken apart the Drone to check for any loose cables, but everything seems to be connected.

Do I need a new video transmission cable?

You’ll find a lot of results if you search for that message on Google. To resolve the issue, people either reinstalled the Mavic Air firmware using DJI Assistant 2 or sent their drones into DJI to be fixed.