enhanced warning zone

So I just bought a used phantom 3 pro. New to drones. Been playing with it around the house all day. It randomly starts telling me enhanced warning zone and makes me check off that I’m responsible or whatever. There is not a airport within 15 air miles of my house and it’s a small landing strip. Shouldn’t it only give me this warning once a flight? It seems to do it every minute. Keep having to stop and check off the boxes again. Is there a way to turn that off? I looked at the map and it seems to be a 100 mile circle around south east Alabama, so pretty much everywhere I will ever fly.

Just taking a wild guess here. I know Ft Rucker has a lot of helicopter training in that area. It is not too far fetch to believe that you will be flying from one MOA (military operating area) to another pretty quickly. Did you download the Fly Safe data base? You should not have to check it once if you stay in the are