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Emergency need help ASAP

My drone was lost and i have no idea where it could have gone it was on its way back to me rth but it got windy so i started piloting manually but than just lost connection the feed froze and it lost connection i tried looking around the street but could not find it anywhere i dont understand what could have happened as the screen was showing low battery but right before it cut out i had at least 60 percent battery life and that was my first flight does anyone have any tips or has anyones drone completely lost connection in the air before also im new so it wont let me attach my flightplan thanks if anyone can help!!

Here is the flight log


Your RTH was oke, from 448 to 321 meters from home. But you cancelled RTH.
Next approx 30 seconds no forward RC input, so mini remains at 321 meters.
So it could fight the wind oke.
Flying back home now, last distance 27 meters at height of 64 meters.
Loosing connection so it should RTH, guess it did as it could fight the wind earlier.

If not than it is drifing away from you…for long time as batt % is 65%.
If that is the case than it would autoland somewhere far, hard to tell where.

If it hovered in last postion than it must landed close to the HP.


The yea i could not find it anywhere which sucks but i will put a secondary tracker on the next drone i get so this doesn’t happen again


I also lost our office drone during our site inspection due to loss of GPS signal and since it was not visible I haven’t been able to manually bring it home. Can you please help me out?

Here’s the flight log:




In your flight the GPS signal was not steady, so your P4 many times in OPTI and ATTI mode.
Last records in ATTI mode, RTH not possible when loosing RC connection, so drifting away with 57% of batt level. Your P4 can be anywhere…

sorry for your loss.