Effectiveness of the bottom LED light

I am still waiting for my Air2 but of course, that’s mostly all I can think about. Wife calls me an Air head now… go figure! :laughing:

So how bright is that light in the daytime? I have some Arc2 strobes which I will find a way to attach, but I have not seen or heard many comments about the LED light on the bottom of the bird.


That light is surely not a replacement for strobe lights used for spotting a drone. They are likely only ever going to be useful if landing in low light conditions.

Ya, I believe that is the intent, but I have read some folks are saying that it adds some daylight visibility.

And you Mike are the man to ask, do the holders you sell for the Arc2/Mavic 2 series fit the Mavic Air2 arms, guess thats going to be a no… is there a solution? I have used velcro in the past… just wondering.

No, but I will have Mavic Air 2 mounts available soon.

I have a bright strobe anti collision light and often I find the landing light, as it is on the bottom is of great help in locating the drone in a bright sky when it is high in the sky.