Editing drone footage.

Which is the best software for editing drone footage (Mini 2/3)?

I will probably get laughed out of this forum, but if you are new to editing your drone footage, there are several good “FREE” editing software apps you can try to get a feel for how in-depth you want to get into editing your shots. I started with iMovie and really learned a lot by
watching YouTube Videos.If you are already familiar with editing, Davinci Resolve is a good
editor and easier to learn than some of the other editors.

Thanks for the tip. I’m using Microsoft movie maker b/c it was easy to get started with. I can see I’ll need to step it up soon.

Davinci Resolve is not just a good free editor. It is a pro-grade tool that is 100% worth learning - and really easy to learn the basics with.

I bought software. I am using Movavi Film editor. Easy to use and has lots of handy bits to it, but cost around $60. Good luck with it all.

I tried DaVinci Resolve, it won’t work on my Windows 10 PC. Says my video card isn’t adequate. I’ve not run into this before - must need a lot of umph.

Saw this one on the DJI Download page. Click for DJI Downloads
For Apple & Android.

LightCut is a video editing app officially recommended by DJI. With rich shooting and editing functions, it perfectly fits the usage scenarios of DJI users. LightCut supports multiple hardware connections, real-time footage preview, and quick output without exporting. It provides an AI-based one-tap editing function, diverse exclusive video templates, inspirational shooting tutorials, and many other resources, making it a reliable shooting and editing tool for DJI users.