Dual Monitor Resizing for Flight Reader Stand Alone?

Greetings–New to the forum and the wonderful Flight Reader.
I have dual monitors with different resolutions.
Most programs I use re-size/adapt resolution as I slide an open window from one monitor to another.
This one does not.
Is there a way to make it so?

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Does the same thing happen when using Flight Reader version 1.3.18?

Yes, doesn’t resize with 1.3.18 or with 1.3.19.

Is anyone using dual monitors and finding the Flight Reader (stand alone) windows won’t resize to the monitor it is on?

Does anyone have an issue where once you drag a window to a new size you cannot resize it smaller again?

Does anyone have a workaround for this?


I can reproduce this issue in 1.3.19 (1.3.17 is okay though).

Is that the last issue you’re facing? It looks like this problem was introduced in 1.3.19 (and maybe 1.3.18) as a result of attempting to fix the other problems you found.

@Mike107 I made a few additional adjustments in version 1.3.20 to resolve the issue preventing the windows from being resized. Please let me know if this new build resolves the issue for you.

Hi, Mike.
None of the windows I opened can be resized at all by any method I try in 1.3.20.
Using Resize in top Left corner gives a cross arrow mouse pinter like “move” does (which works) but no resize works from that function, either.

@Mike107 what happens if you try resizing the window by clicking and dragging the lower right corner of the window?


Hi, Mike–

Cursor changes to double-headed arrow on 45 deg angle, no ability to resize window.

@Mike107 version 1.3.21 should make the windows resizable again.

In 1.3.21 the main window can be resized from edges down to a certain extent. The failed flight log window cannot and has no buttons. the windows don’t resize when shifted to the second monitor which is running 1920 x 1080. The smallest size to which the main window can be shrunk is too loarge to fit entirely on the secondary monitor.

What is the resolution of your other monitors?

4k 3480 x 2160
txt, apps, other items at 250%(recommended),
extended displays

I had an idea…
I set "text, apps, other items " to 100%–which setting makes the display completely useless, but
*the buttons in the Failed Logs windows are visible, and
*when either Main of Failed logs goes to the 2nd monitor the font size is appropriate useful, not huge.

The window still does not resize itself to the monitor, will not snap or dock to full screen.

And when the windows display settings for “textx,apps…” is changed back to another % setting neither of these windows responds properly when compared to other program windows…

**the -interior- of failed logs window grows slightly but the outside window dimension does not. The interior overrides then hides the buttons. The similar inside/outside dimension mismatch occurs in the main window as well, but not as badly.

**when adjusting the "text,apps,etc."setting, The Font does not enlarge in Either Main or Fail Logs window, causing the program to remain useless with tiny text on the main screen.

***->on restart of the program with the “text,apps” setting restored to a larger value (like 250%), the Flight Reader and Failed Logs windows Still do not respond to the new setting…the font went to the smaller size and before closing, didn’t grow with the text/app adjustment before closing, and didn’t resize even after shutting down the program and restarting it.

However–look at the aircraft log window in the third shot. It did respond to the Text/app adjustments and is restored to the correct and useable font size within the window—and again, this window is very appropriate when moving from monitor to monitor as regards auto resizing, docking, full screen behavior. The font in the main FR and Failed Logs window should have grown and should have again become more like the size in the Aircraft log window, but they did not. The behavior in the Aircraf Log windos seems to have correct programming.

Currently, Flight Reader is again useless to me. I cannot get the font size to become restored to the original and appropriate size.


Any progress on this, Mike?

BTW, I also noticed that the Battery History window also does not resize moving from monitor to monitor.

Thank you for those additional details. You’re running a pretty unusual display setup. Flight Reader is not designed to display on a setup like this. It’ll likely take some pretty substantial changes to resolve the issues that are resolvable.

Some other comments:

  • Some of the Flight Reader windows are not resizable – which is why they cannot be docked/maximized

  • The text in the map window is being displayed in a web browser control – which is able to auto handle resizing/scaling

I’m surprised you think this setup is so unusual–laptop with a smaller screen hooked to a dock with a large HD monitor attached.
Seems like lots of folks would still have their older monitors around…

Yeah, one of my setups has 4 displays with a small laptop attached.

What I meant is running at 250% is not usual for Flight Reader users. It’s not a problem I’ve encountered before – which is why the current version of Flight Reader doesn’t support that configuration.

@Mike107 please try version version 1.3.22. I’ve only tested this version at up 200% so far, but it should function the same at 250%.

Mike–1.3.22 seems very well behaved on all screens.
To the extent tested, I find no issues at all with window resizing, moving between monitors, missing buttons, etc.

Well Done!

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