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Droning in Hampton Roads, Virginia

I am a Recreational Drone Flyer and I fly a non-DJI Drone; however, I plan to buy the Mini 2 or Mini SE. I have been reviewing all the DJI YouTube Videos and the videos from other reviewers and I still have not decided on which Drone. I do not need 4K video, but I like the idea of the OcuSync 2.0, but for the difference in cost between the two, I can buy a lot of batteries and accessories for the SE…

Both DJI Drones use the DJI Fly App Software. In addition, I’ve reviewed the list of compatible phones with the DJI Fly App, Android V 1.4.8, on the DJI Support, Software Download page, and none of my phones are listed. I’ve read that the App requires a 64-bit processor in the phone and my phones are all 32-bit and I have tried loading the App and it does not load…

I normally use my Samsung Tablet S2, SM-T713, with a 64-bit Processor and Android Version 7.0, with my non DJI Drone. I’ve read that if you are not sure if you phone or tablet will work with DJI Fly App, try loading the App and if it loads and runs, it should work fine… I have done this, and the App seems to run fine on my tablet.

So, I will search this site and others looking for a DJI Flyer using the DJI Fly App Software with a Mini 2 or the Mini SE. But this Topic “Pilot Check In” is not the place to start that discussion.

The other issue I have with getting a DJI Drone is the location of my home. I live in Hampton Roads, Virginia. It is the Peninsula between Richmond and Norfolk. I live right smack in a heavily controlled FAA Airspace. First off, the Airspace over my home is covered by both Langley AFB and Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport. And to make matter worse, I live on the West side of a Zero (0) Altitude FAA Airspace Sector. Which means I can fly my drone exactly zero feet off the ground (or as they say, 0’ AGL…). If I walk across my street, to my neighbor’s front yard, I can fly to 400’ AGL… (Nice Huh?).

Almost every time I take my drone off, I have had to get an FAA Authorization thru FAADroneZone (which all have been requested for a year) or a daily flight clearance thru LAANC.

Besides having Langley AFB, the Airport, and the airfield at Fort Eustis to contend with, you can see a lot of National Park “No-Fly-Zones…” And to make matters worse, the county I live in prohibits Drones on all county property (parks, school yards, beaches, boat launches, etc…).

Fortunately, the DJI Authorization Zones from the Langley AFB and Patrick Henry Airport do not quite reach my home… But I will have a lot of issues getting Fly Safe Authorizations and Unlocking Geo Zones.

In spite of all this, I am still enthusiastic about getting a DJI Drone. So I am looking forward to perusing all the postings on this Forum.

So to all, Happy Droning…


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Yes, that would be the main selling point for me too. A strong signal is a must-have when flying any drone.

You can find commonly used phones/tablets here: