Dronelink integration

Dronelink has integration capabilities. It would be great if our drone flights using Dronelink would show up in Flight Reader. Since Dronelink flights do not use DJI Fly app, no flight logs are created that I could find. But the flights do show up in other applications.

Dronelink does use the DJI SDK though, so they are able to generate DJI TXT flight logs. More on that here:

They do, but it appears there is some type of manual process on their end to add new integrations. More on that here:

I’ll reach out to them to see what that process looks like and if it’s something I can integrate into Flight Reader.

Thanks Mike. I’d pay a small one time fee for that capability. :slight_smile:

An easy workaround in the meantime is to click the Download ‘Original’ button underneath the map in AirData and it will download the text flight log to your computer. Import this file into Flight Reader and all of your flight data will be there.

Hope this helps.


Absolutely will - thanks.