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Drone video course recommendations?

I have a Mavic 2 Zoom which I love. However, my video skills are pretty embarrassing. I’m looking to take a course, in order to improve them. I’ve watched a number of videos from Toms Tech Time, and have explored his website. I like his free instruction, and am considering buying his course on Filming With Drones ($190). Does anybody have any experience with this course, and/or could you recommend other resources? Thanks, Russ is another good resource, also with free and paid training.

I throw my 2¢ worth behind the above suggestion… easily one of the best on the www. Check out his channel and free course then I guarantee you will want to take his course.

A lot of learning online is liking the lecturer and the lecturers methodology and way it is delivered (given technical skills are the same) Stewart has a great delivery and his knowledge is spot on.

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I just spent about an hour looking at some of Stewart’s free videos. What a wealth of info! I also downloaded his free book, but I haven’t explored that yet. Thank you both, so much, for the recommendation! Russ

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Enter this site he has several videos on Yootub teaching various types of flight.

Zmaro is all in Spanish. No hable Español!

After watching the free stuff available on Drone Film Guide, I broke down and purchased their Master Class. I’m only part way into the course but, boy, I’m really impressed with the depth of knowledge, the clear instructions, and Stewart’s appeal as a teacher! Thanks, again, for the recommendations. Russ