Drone user group in Sydney Australia

I know in my travels that a number of user groups exist in our state of NSW but I wonder if one has been started for people with like interests in Sydney, or more specifically Western Sydney. Would be nice to catch up and discuss issues with people of a like mind.


Here are a couple of contacts… They might not be perfect, but they might be able to head you in the right directions…

Thanks I will follow up on that.

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Hi, I live on the Upper North Shore of Sydney, would be interested in meeting up. I have DJI Mini 3 drone

Hi Norman. I live in the Western Suburbs and I suppose that I was hoping that there may already be a drone group happening. being a person who has been flying my Mavic Pro 2 for about 12 months certainly does not put me in an very experienced class. My good friend who I usually go droning with has exactly the same drone as you. We are both retired and go exploring as often as we can. How are you situated.? Merry Christmas to you.

You might want to consider also joining the MavicPilots Web Site. They have a Sub-Forum dedicated to Australia (along with many, many other locations…).

And if you join, you’ll hear from me again…

Terry hi good to hear from you. I am also retired. I am happy to meet up with you both & can travel to the West once the festive season is over. Is it acceptable to exchange mobiles or emails on this platform? Obliged, Norman

Hi Norman

So good to hear back from you. We also are away for the holiday period and will be back from mid January. Would love to catch up. Not sure about sharing addresses but I will post my email address here. If you send me an email I will then have your address and I will edit this post and remove the address. Once we have each others there is no need to keep it displayed.


Terry, Norm,

If you click on each other’s Avatar (the Green Circle with the N or Norm and the Blue Circled T for Terry) you can then click on Message and all the rest of the correspondence is a Private Message (PM) to each other, not open for others to see…

I am sending each of you a PM so you see what one looks like and I will post this open in the Topic so others learn…

Happy Holidays…