Drone Stopped Mid air and Crashed

When landing, my drone stopped at 9 ft then turned off and crashed. Can anyone see the flight log and tell if it is user error or manufacture error?


Here is my flight log:


Your flight log doesn’t indicate what happened. It just abruptly comes to an end while your Mavic Air was hovering at about 10 feet above the ground.

According to your flight log, you initiated RTH and your Mavic Air flew back to the home point. It started landing, it descended to 11 feet above the ground, and you cancelled the auto landing. Is that what happened?

When you found your Mavic Air, was it powered on? Were the props still spinning? Was the battery still fully inserted?

When I found the drown is was turned off. The droned turned off and just fell. I didnt press any buttons when it happened. But get this, today I put a new battery in and it turned on. So I took it up to fly. I just let it hover to see what would happen and while hovering for 2 minutes, it turned off and fell again.

It sounds like you’re facing some type of hardware issue. Try reaching out to DJI Support for help.