Drone started losing control and crashing

DJI Mini 3 Pro. I live in Manhattan, NYC; no places nearby where I could fly it outside legally. So I tested it in my apartment.

No issues on the first flight, besides the drone refusing to fly into a hall with a partially-opened door, I’m assuming maybe due to collision detection. Ran out of battery so saved it for another run.

Second flight, it crashed (not sure how, as it happened during a split second where I wasn’t looking at either the drone or the controller, and it seemed to be at around the same location on my first flight where the drone refused to fly further).

Ran it for 2 more flights directly afterwards, and both times it was out of control; moved forward or up without me telling it to, didn’t seem to respond to my controller commands, and when I attempted to force it to land, it just kept bumping into the ceiling until it eventually fell (flight #3) or ran into a wall (flight #4).

All 8 propellers are visibly scraped or damaged, a few with tiny parts scraped off. I presume some of this damage may have at least partly contributed to the lack of control on flights #3-4. The product only came with 4 spare propellers, so I guess I’d have to buy 4 more.

After replacing the propellers, for the next run I’d definitely fly it outdoors, in an area where I’m legally allowed to do so (may require a little travel). However I’m slightly concerned the drone will be out of control again and just keep flying up or away like it did on flights #3-4 (and perhaps even started doing to a degree on flight #2). And, if this loss of control happens outside, then it could just disappear, and/or suffer a fatal crash.

Does anyone have any theories on why the drone flew fine on run #1, but started going haywire on subsequent runs? And is there anything anyone would advise I check for to ensure it flies correctly on the next runs, besides replacing the propellers? I didn’t opt for DJI Care Refresh within the first 48 hours, because I didn’t think it would have technical issues and become damaged so soon. Thanks in advance.

Lighting indoors is crucial for spatial awareness, as well as a pattern on the floor to hold position.

perhaps you should go further out to get a better GPS high buildings don’t help or flying in doors go on you tube look around there’s always help my bet is where you live it will be hard to get GPS so go a few miles away from your city. set it up right and take your time to see what is happening to your drone good luck.