Drone insurance

Here in the UK, last year I had my equipment insured with FlyIcarus for loss, accidental damage etc but they are in the process of changing insurance companies and not currently active. Any idea where I can now get accidental damage coverage here in the UK?

Who are you with?

Guess nobody has accidental damage insurance :woozy_face:
Oh well, just renewed mine, £60 for the year up to £1500 any one claim - £100 excess.

Seeing my crash last year cost almost £400 to fix, must be a good investment! :sunglasses:

Just seen your post. I was with Flyicarus and looking for alternatives but all I found were well over £100. Unable to fly at this time but who did you renew with?


I went with this company…

Hi, they seem very popular, I was with them last year and when I read they were not active (back in February) I decided to go with CoverDrone. Their underwriters are Lloyds. You can tailor the policy to suit your equipment and accessories. Might be worth a look for you. Hope this helps

Good thanks for the suggestions I’ll have a look at them

CoverDrone are more than double the price I paid!!! But I do have a £100 excess.

It seems too much to have to pay over £100 for accidental damage for a £800 (my spark) drone when my car insurance is only double that for a £10,000 (or whatever they decide it’s worth) car. I have liability so I may self insure.

Miner was £60 so worth it I thought!!