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drone in tree, but can't see it

My mini 2 got stuck in a tree. I can’t see it, even with find my drone, though we can barely hear the beep. We can see from the camera that it is upside down (showing us branches and sky). I might be able to get it from a ladder, but not even sure where in the tree to start.

My thoughts are:

  1. wait until dark so I can maybe see the flashing. Not sure how long the battery will hold out if I do this. Is there some way to conserve battery besides turning off find my drone? I know it is using battery just transmitting the picture.

  2. Is there some way to force the props to start even though it is upside down? I.e., to try to shake it loose?

Any ideas are appreciated! The tree is maybe 50’ tall. And I do have the Refresh program. Haven’t looked to see how it might apply in this situation.

Only thing I can think of is another drone.

Agree, find a friend with another drone to find it. Then use a ladder to retrieve it if possible.

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I have also put my Drone in a tree and I spent over an hour trying to find it. Finally, my wife came out and said, “What Tree?” I pointed and she said, “Don’t you see it? It’s right there!”

After she pointed to it, (as they say…) I couldn’t stop seeing it, it was in plain sight. I then went and got my 20’ telescoping Crappie Fishing Rod and easily retrieved it.

Here is a link to what I am writing about; these poles go out to 30’…

So, perhaps all you need a “New Set of Eyes” to see what you are looking at but do not see…

I know this posting is almost two-months old, but you never said if you found it… So, I am also writing this advice in the hope it helps someone else…

Happy Droning.

Loud Thunder

Thanks. We did eventually find it and get it down. After 6 people looked for a couple of hours, my sister-in-law came out at night with a strong flashlight and a pair of binoculars and finally spotted it. You could only see it from a very few angles and with the binoculars, as it was quite small and embedded in the leaves. To get it down, we built a 45’ long PVC pipe and poked at it with guidance from people watching with binoculars. (Even with the pipe perfectly vertical, it swayed like crazy.) When it finally came down, one of the arms broke, but I successfully crazy glued it together. The hilarity of the whole thing made it worthwhile:)

That telescoping rod does look pretty great, though. I might have to get one just to have on hand for future adventures.