Drone fell out of the sky into a river, no warning

Hey All

My drone fell out of the sky wiyh no warning, just disconected en fell straight down into the river.
Could nog retrieve the drone.

Any idea what went wrong?


Your flight log doesn’t contain enough information to figure out what happened. Since the log cuts off abruptly in a wide open location, it most likely crashed due to some type of power loss (like the battery disconnecting mid-flight).

You should always launch with a fully charged battery. Sorry for your loss.

That’s a good general tip, but it doesn’t seem like something that could have prevented this loss.

This certainly appears like a battery disconnect. And really not surprising in this case. Looking at the data, in the last few seconds you gave full throttle and full reverse elevator. You were traveling at over 35mph. 300 milliseconds before the end of the data CENTER_BATTERY.connStatus went from normal to Exception, which says the battery disconnected. The other pertinent data is below. Sorry for the loss.

Any idea what that column is used for?

So it’s pilot error? Drones are not ment to fly that way? Or is this only possible when the battery was not propperly inserted? Because I always check if both secure clips are locked in.

Thx for all the feedback

In your first post above, you said you watched it fall into the river. That’s not the same thing as a fly away.

That’s one of the possibilities. Since the log shows no sign that the Phantom was deviating from the intended flight path, it looks like the power was somehow abruptly cut off. You’ll need to retrieve the Phantom and get the DAT flight log off the internal memory card if you want to know exactly what happened.

Hey there,

I actually meant: Dit I fly my drone to fast and is it not made for these speeds? I dit hear the motors shut down and immediatly saw it falling straight down in the River. It was no fly away. Unfortunatly the river is like 11meters deep so I won’t be able to retrive my drone becase of that. Tried diving the next day but I could not even locate it, probably because of the current.

So I’ll never know exacatly what happend then.

It is not like Phantom gives insurance for this I guess? Just want to know or this was my fault or not so I can learn my lesson for the next drone I’ll be flying. Jus started 3 week ago so guess I still have a lot to learn.

Thank’s again for the help.


You’ll need to retrieve it in order for it to be covered under the DJI warranty (if not pilot error) or DJI Care. Depending on the 3rd party insurance that’s available in your area, you might be able to find insurance that’ll cover a complete loss like this one.

While flying/braking fast is perfectly fine, it could cause the battery to slide out if it’s not latched in correctly. The battery should not be able to slide out if it’s not damaged and it’s latched in correctly on both sides.