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Drone Fell out of sky

P4P fell out of sky, wondering if it was a battery not seated properly error that I’ve seen, or otherwise.

Link to DAT file here:


Assuming that FLY604 is the correct .dat. This is definately not a battery shutdown. This appears to be an aircraft control failure of some sort. Possibly ESC, Gyro or other. Motor PWM control signals went to 100% erratically and the aircraft began to spin and decend. Motors gradually slowed continuously.

219.783 : [L-NS] [AHRS] gyro mag inconsist on
222.426 : [L-FDI][CTRL]: fault on , height_ctrl_fail
222.445 : [L-RC]craft ctrl failed!!!
223.018 : [L-NS][AHRS]height max obv num [2/16]
224.464 : [L-RC]craft ctrl failed!!!
226.266 : [L-FDI][CTRL]: fault on , tilt_ctrl_fail
226.484 : [L-RC]craft ctrl failed!!!
226.506 : [L-FDI][CTRL]: fault off, tilt_ctrl_fail

@BudWalker Your analysis?

Yeah, seems like rightBack lost some but not all propulsion. The higher currents suggest that it’s a motor blockage, not a broken prop. @liszto37 what was the condition of the props?

thanks for the information, that’s useful. props in good condition.

Let me know if you think there’s anything else at all I could be watching out for above and beyond normal pre-flight checks to prevent this happening again. I’ve ordered phantom wetsuit in case water damage could’ve been problem (any indication of that here?) and to also ensure battery seating although I understand now the latter wasn’t the problem in this case.

wetsuit for other P4P that is, for cases where need to do mapping and there is rain

Just to be clear. Has the P4P been in the water before this incident?

In pretty heavy rainfall…