Drone fell in lake

Just got it a month ago.:disappointed_relieved:.new to the forum plz help. I can’t find it in the lake.ill go back tomorrow and try again.
Can someone check my log plz

Unfortunately, there is nothing in this data that indicates anything other than a completely normal flight. It appears that the aircraft may have had some sort of catastrophic power failure. You were only 75 ft or so from the waters edge. The aircraft should be in the lake approximately 75ft straight out from the waters edge as shown in the image from the log file.

Your flight log shows the last recorded location at -32.97390552, 151.6427449. If that’s exactly where you saw it drop, then starting searching around that location.

Fanx for the reply fly_dawg…It sux :unamused::unamused:was using it just before New year’s Eve. Would this be a warranty issue? So upset and angrey.:disappointed_relieved:

Since you don’t have the drone and your flight log doesn’t show anything unusual, DJI will likely not replace your drone for free. You could contact DJI Support to see what they say though.