Drone fell from the sky during quick shot take

Hi! I am new to piloting my drone, and am trying to figure out a crash that happened this weekend while hiking. I was able to recover the drone and it seems intact but was pretty lucky as I was pretty high up, and I don’t want this happening again.

This is my 10th or so time flying it, so am wondering if I may have done something or if there would be a way to further prevent this sort of issue. It is a used drone from Andorama (open box but practically new, and I haven’t had any other issues yet).

Essentially, I had it in a quick shot mode and it very suddenly without any warning of altitude or battery (almost 80 percent) dropped down, thankfully, it dropped down close to the trail I was on and not in a completely other neighborhood as I was on a mountain.

This is my flight log: DJI Flight Log Viewer - PhantomHelp.com

As you can see, it dropped down before completing the full circle, I was much higher than any obstacles/the ground.

Thanks for any insight folks can provide!!

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The .txt log ends abruptly without any indication of a problem. In particular, the descent was not recorded. There is a small chance the .DAT log will yield something helpful. If the Fly App is not set to synch with DJI there will be a .DAT on the device running the Fly App. Take a look at
subsection Mobile device DAT files (DJI GO 4 & DJI Fly)
to see how to retrieve the .DAT

The .DAT will have the name

I commend you working to figure it out. So many crash and get discouraged and do not grow from it.