Drone drops out of sky no warning

This is ridiculous this is my 2nd crash without warning on 2 different Phantom Four. the 1st one I was in flight for at least 10 minutes when it dropped out of the sky like a rock no warning . It had many hours of flight time when this happened. I ate the crap sandwich on that one there was nothing left of it. Now the second phantom I’ve had only a few months flown a few times without incident. Today after firmware updated. I took off To about 70’ And it comes Falling out of the sky and bounces off the ground into pieces in front of me! WTF is the problem with these drones?

Anything useful in the TXT flight log? If you upload it here and share the link, we can take a look.

I will try to get that downloaded tomorrow. I’ve never accessed the flight logs before. I was able to access my flight record but not sure if they are the same as the txt flight log. Apparently I can’t do that from my mobile device. Still researching it. Thanks

You can find instructions for locating your TXT flight logs at the bottom of this page.

I followed the instructions, found the file, clicked on download, but I don’t think anything downloaded.

Just to toss the note out there. P4’s have had an issue with battery disconnects. There have been numerous posts and and data that point this out. From your description only ( There is no way to confirm without the data to verify ) sounds like what has happened here. Especially so if you had happened to notice during the descents if you lost transmission or you noticed no prop spin.


That’s is exactly what happened it just shut off. Everything on the data checked out home point was saved slow ascent to 80 feet Barely 2’ away from the home point fully charged battery power 95% Just updated the firmware no warnings. It also sounds Exactly like what could have happened to my 1st Phantom 4 but that was over a year ago. It’s like it was just shut off Or zapped by an EMP. Screen went grey and drone bounced off the ground. I’m going to continue to try and download the data file To this post. I found a tutorial on YouTube that should help me hopefully I’ll get posted today after work. Thanks again.

The .dat file will probably be more useful than the .txt file. See this link for help: