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Drone 5m away, but: "maximum flight distance reached"

Hi, I’m a beginning drone flyer with the Mini 2. Until 2 days ago, the remote commands worked perfectly. But, while filming 2 walking friends of mine for about 10 minutes, the drone didn’t react to the “forward” command of the left joystick. Only sideways was possible. I heard the app say: “maximum flight distance reached”, but the drone was on 5 meters distance! The settings were: max altitude 62 m, max distance 150 m.
Drone landed, put it off, put in on again, and all was OK…
But after 5 minutes the same error occurred, and after the same procedure a third time. The “locked” movements changed sometimes: I could for instance not fly sideward to the left, only to the right. Or fly backward was possible, and next time not. But flying forward was always blocked.

Two days later, today, the same error again, after 15 minutes happy flying without problems.
Well loaded batteries, remote and phone
latest (firmware) updates

No difference make:
compass and imu calibration,
phone in “aircraft” modus, or with internet connection.

For quickly connecting to GPS I start with activating the Waze-app. Then I start the DJI-app. Not tested my problem without Waze, but could this influence the outcomes?? I read too much “maximum flight distance reached” errors here…

Tomorrow I’ll phone with the DJI helpdesk here in the Netherlands. Very, very curious…
I’ll tell you what came out.

I posted this also on MavicPilots, where EyesWideShut gave me the solution.
WIll share it here too of course:
I had restricted the max distance to 150 m, that was the cause. Now I set it to 1 km. But it’s hereby a tricky thing to become aware of: not the distance drone-remote counts, but the distance drone-homepoint. Now is also clear to me, why the shown distance INcreases when the drone flies in my direction and I stand some 100m away from this homepoint.

Another possible solution would be to reset the home point after moving far away from the takeoff spot.

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Thanks for your hint, msinger. I re-study my printed manual, where I alreade had highlighted things before my maiden flight…
I have to learn now combining theory with these issues in ‘real life’.
I keep learning :wink: