Downward vision (optical) sensors damaged - Mavic Pro

Hi All. I’m looking for advice of where to get downward vision sensors (not ultrasonic) They are attached to the main board.
Recently my old Mavic run out of power and has landed into shallow water. Luckily not much damage was made and after drying it up it is “almost” working fine. Only problem is that the water get into the optical sensors and gets them dirty inside. Mobile app is showing “calibration error” and when I try to do it via computer it is showing blurry dots and fail to continue.
Obviously I don’t want to buy entire new main board with the sensors as it’s quite expensive.
I have checked online markets and for some reason only front vision sensors are available to buy.
i would appreciate your help in this matter.

The downward sensors are attached to the core board. I don’t think you’re going to find anyone who is willing to detach and sell them separately.

Here’s the best deal I could find:

Thanks for answer. Yes they are screwed but are easy to take off. My only hope to not spend extra money would be to find broken mainboard cheap and swap sensors :frowning:

You could try contacting that seller on eBay. Maybe they’ll sell you just the sensors.

I’m happy that I found them from this supplier. They are not properly described I think , that’s why it was hard to discover them.

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